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Types of Green Tea

                                                                   Matcha Green Tea Green tea was originally  consumed in Korea, Japan and China but has   become popular worldwide in recent years due to its many health benefits including weight loss and high levels of   antioxidants.  Like all other teas, g reen tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant but the difference derives from how the leaves are processed. Green tea leaves  are  used either fresh or withered, lightly heated or steamed. Fresh green tea leaves generally has a light, fresh and grassy taste. Green tea is not oxidised. If you're starting out,  it's  always better to start with loose leaf green tea as this attunes your taste to quality.                                                                                     Tea Processing    Types of Green Tea  Senca : Popular Japanese green tea, which is savoury, grassy and slightly bitter with hints of melon/summer fruit and pine. Gyokuro or Jade Dew Tea : Fu

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